2018 African Christian Conference

African Christian Conference is a ministry of Radio Connection Worldwide online. There are over ten thousand of conferences that happen every year. The “African Christian Conference” is not to be just another conference but an honest, sincere, earnest plea for the desperate need of revival. Through the ministry of Radio CW, we have come across the spiritual need in African Christian immigrant’s community. There is such an urgent need at this point for African immigrants in North America and in Europe to have a genuine revival. Our vision and hope are that this annual event added to our Radio Ministry will stir people to pray more desperately and urgently for a heaven-sent revival in our day. Hosting this four-day annual event, African Christian  Conference is looking:

  • To mobilize African Immigrants to pray and seek Revival, personally, corporately and nationally.
  • To motivate African Immigrants to seek personal victory and personal evangelism in their lives and Families
  • To move African local congregations and its spiritual leaders to renewal and spiritual vitality.
  • To meet the need for reinforcement in the lives of those who have made commitments in previous Meetings
  • To magnify the Lord Jesus Christ through testimonies which encourage God’s people and challenge the unconverted besides the spiritual Vision, Radio CW through the Ministry of African Christian Conference is seeking to stimulate and develop pathway to sustainable projects in Africa based in fund raising platform built on the ‘Best practices”.


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